Questions We Ask in a Discovery Call for Potential VA Clients

Questions We Ask in a Discovery Call for Potential VA Clients

To ask the right question is already half the solution of a problem.
-Carl Jung

At Fempreneur Designs, we consider a discovery call as our first date with a potential client, because that’s exactly what they become.

And just like in a real date, both side (men and women) wants to know each other personality inside-out.

And in a VA world, we also wanna know the inside-out of every potential client’s company since we will possibly be working with them for the long term.

Top 5 Questions We Never Forget To Ask a Potential Client in a Discovery Call

  • What are your main objectives or expectations upon working with us?
    If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the 5 years of working as a VA, it’s that setting and managing client expectations is critical to everyone’s happiness and success.

    As a VA, I wanna know how I can provide client satisfaction and exceed my client’s expectations without breaking any boundaries.

    By asking this question, I can always set up the client relationship by spelling out with clear documentation what I can and can’t do, (of course, I can’t make a coffee for you), when will I do it (depends if the client allows flexible work time) and how will I do it.

    Clear communication is the key to being happier for both sides.

  • What are the 3-5 values of your business or brand?
    Knowing our clients’ company values helps my team to understand what the client or the company stand for. The client’s company values also give us guidance for our work and a sense of security.

    As a result, my team are more likely to make the right decisions — the decisions that help us achieve the client or the company’s vision and goals.

    By asking this question, we can understand why our clients’ company exists, what their mission statement is, and what beliefs they stand for.

  • Which part of your business are you having a hard time getting a result?
    If this question seems unclear to you, that’s because it’s meant to be.

    By giving them a chance to bring up any problem they’re facing, my team can find out their business challenges at a more extensive level. And of course, we can have a chance to provide a potential solution to their problems and generate a list of tasks that my team can get to work on right away. And this task list can help us create a starting point on what to focus on as we start working with the client.

    Also, the best thing is, by asking this question, we can have the chance to hit the ground and show our worth and expertise.

  • What is your monthly or hourly budget?
    As Virtual Assistants, it is our responsibility to include budget-orientated strategies in our meetings.

    Knowing the client’s budget beforehand indicates whether we should take the next pitch to continue working on the project.

    If a client can’t meet our pricing, we directly let them know that we respect that everyone has budgets to meet and that we’d be happy to work with them in the future when everything aligns.

    So… to all VAs out there, if you become more of an open book, you can expect the same from your client.

    Asking about the budget is a logical question to help both parties avoid unwanted mistakes and revisions. And one of the top strategies to ensure a happy work relationship in the long run.

    Remember: Transparency will get both parties to the top.

  • Is there anything else that you would like us to know? or What questions do you have for me?

    After I learn about their business and get the information I need, I then open the floor up to them.

    It allows my client to calm any fears they have in outsourcing by getting the information they need to feel confident about taking the step to working with us. This question can also help my team learn more about the client’s business because they will usually share more about their company and what they’re working on during this stage of the call.

Ready to take the next level?

By investing time and energy in creating a great discovery call, we’ll know for sure whether our potential client is fit for our service or not.

We do understand that both sides usually don’t have a lot of time on these discovery call meetings, so it’s important to make the best of it with the right questions. If you think our service is a perfect fit for your business, schedule a free discovery call and get your job done right away!

Here at Fempreneur Designs, we have a team of creative VAs who can perform tasks on your behalf with utmost efficiency.


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